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Sales and Merchandise

We sell only the best bikes money can buy!  Every bike is hand-picked by Michael and his 30+ years of bicycle experience as a bike shop owner.  Come in for a custom fitting and he'll make sure your riding experience is second to none.  PROMISE!!!

All that swag.

You can bring a little piece of Aspen home with you no matter where you live.  We sell Aspen Velo jerseys, shorts,t-shirts,hats, and water bottles guaranteed to make you look as good as you ride.

Bike Sales

We sell Germany's premier road bike--Storck. One ride and your world will be changed. And we sell America's most requested mountain bike-- Santa Cruz. Come in and try the new 27 1/2"(650d) wheel Bronson.  This bike will rock your socks.

Bikes for rent

If you'd prefer to give our bikes a try before you buy, many models are available for rental.